Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Jones Y-DNA trail

This is my own DNA certificate and will match up closely with many Joneses who trace their line back to early (1600's) eastern Massachusetts settlers from Hingham, Scituate, Marshfield and Middleborough. And later (17 & 1800's) from the Berkshire area; Clarksburg, Cheshire, New Ashford, Savoy and Heath.  The line is as follows: Robert d. 1691, Joseph b. 1628, Joseph b. 1660, Ebenezer b. 1696, Seth b. 1744, Consider b. 1783, George b. 1817, Edward b. 1868, Chester b. 1897, Chester b. 1922, Thomas b. 1942.

The red line on this chart depicts the route of Jones Y-DNA
from Kenya, Africa to the U.K.. According to National
Geographic,and the latest scientific evidence, all of the worlds
population originated in Kenya. Click on map.

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