Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Governor Thomas Wilson Dorr

Sullivan Dorr (1778 - 1858) 4th great granduncle 
 Governor Dorr's father
Click on this link to read an excellent account of Sullivan's early days in The China Trade published by the Rhode Island Historical Society.

Governor Dorr         


This is the home where Governor Dorr lived with his father, Sullivan Dorr and his mother, Lydia. Sullivan was a wealthy shipping merchant who followed in his father, Ebenezer's, footsteps and traded in Canton, China and the north west coast of America in the fur trade. At one time the Dorr family owned 18 ships in their own name and another five in partnerships. The house is located at 109 Benefit St. in Providence, RI a few blocks from Brown University.

Governor Thomas Wilson Dorr, 1st cousin 5x removed.

Architect of the RI State Constitution and leader of

the "Dorr Rebellion". Click on picture.

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