Saturday, June 28, 2008

Major General Benedict Arnold V

This 3rd cousin 7X removed needs no introduction. You can read about how he went from a major Revolutionary War hero to etching his place in history as the poster boy for traitors at: He was the 2nd great grandson of William 1 Arnold who came to Rhode Island with Roger Williams in 1636 to help found the First Baptist Church in America. He was also the great grandson of Rhode Island governor, Benedict Arnold I. His older brother, Benedict IV, died before Ben. V was born and so Benedict V was given the same name but with the 5th place designation. Click on the link for his life story.

Brigadier General Charles R. "Boss" Brayton

In his day he was a Rhode Island institution unto himself.

You can read about this 4th cousin by clicking on this link or in the Notable Ancestors post further on. click on picture to enlarge.