Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Major Thompson Maxwell

He was the younger brother of Lt. Col.Hugh and Lt. Benjamin (5th great grandfather) Maxwell and as such is an 5th great granduncle. He was a life-time soldier and It's difficult to understand why somebody hasn't written a book or made a movie about him.
He joined the military when he was 14 or 15 years old and retired at 77. During the 62 year interim he was a Provisional Ranger during the French and Indian Wars from 1757 to 1763 serving in Roger's Rangers as well as three other units commanded by Captains Lovell, Barnes and Brewer. From 1775 to 1779 he fought in the Revolutionary War at Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill and many other historical places. He is documented on all known lists as a participant in the Boston Tea Party, helping to plan the "party" at John Hancock's house. Just think for a minute of the significance of this.....here we have our 5th great granduncle sitting there with our 5th great grandfather, Ebenzer Dorr, along with Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and other members of the Committee of Correspondence and Safety plotting one of this countrys most well known historical events in John Hancock's living room. In 1787 he fought in Shay's Rebellion. He also fought from 1812 to 1819 against England in the War of 1812 and then at Tippecanoe. Was a POW at age 71 and was exchanged at 73. I have searched, unsuccessfully, every way that I know how to find an American POW, from any era, that was older than Thompson and I can't find anyone. He spent the last four years of his career as Barracks Master at Detroit until he was finally pensioned from the army at age 77. He was wounded at least once. Equally amazing, he lived to about 93 years of age.
The above is only a hint of his adventures; click on the link below to read, in his own words, the rest of his incredible story.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lt. Col. Hugh Maxwell

Hugh Maxwell 5th great granduncle silhouette by Frederick Chapman, 1781 and memorial monument located in the South Cemetery in Heath, MA. Hugh was wounded in the battle of Bunker Hill and survived the winter at Valley Forge. He died and was buried at sea in 1799. One of the original members of the Society of the Cincinnati.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Major General Israel Putnam "Old Put"

Israel Putnam being rescued from being burned alive during the French and Indian War. Click on picture.

2nd cousin 8x removed


Like his cousin, Brigadier General Rufus Putnam, Israel fought in both the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War. Israel was the officer in command at the battle of Bunker Hill which was mostly fought on Breed's Hill. That's one version. Other versions have Col. William Prescott in command. Both men were there and history records that they both made a good accounting of themselves. However, as a former member of the military, I'm pretty certain that generals don't usually report to colonels. O.K., here's another version from the notes of Major Thompson Maxwell: There were three hills involved in the battle, Breed's Hill, Bunker Hill and Winter Hill. Generals Putnam, Heath, Sullivan and Colonel Prescott were all at Bunker Hill and Putnam had overall command. Click on this link for details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Bunker_Hill Click on the following link to read of his exploits including crawling into a cave on his hands and knees to kill the last wolf in Connecticut.http://members.tripod.com/~compmast/putnam/putnam.html

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Brigadier General Rufus Putnam

3rd cousin 7x removed.
"The Father of Ohio", Surveyor General of the United States 1796-1803. Fought in the French and Indian War as well as the Revolutionary War. Established Marietta, Ohio as the first permanent American settlement in the Northwest Territory.
One of the original members of the Society of the Cincinnati. See the "Notable Ancestors" blog entry below for more information.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Dorr Trail

Julia Alice Dorr B.1872 D. 1932 and William Henry Sprague B.1850 D. 1920

Van Buren Dorr B. 1837 D. 1908 and Sarah J Putnam B. 1840 D. 1906

Henry Gustavus Dorr B. 1807 D. 1855 and Amy Davis

Andrew Cunningham Dorr B. 1772 D. 1842 and Charlotte Plimpton B. 1781 D. 1817

Ebenezer Dorr B. 1739 D. 1809 and Abagail Cunningham B. 1739

Ebenezer Dorr B. 1712 D. 1782 and Amy Plimpton B. 1714 D. 1782

Ebenezer Dorr B. 1687 D. 1760 and Mary Boardman B. 1689 D. 1728

Edward Dorr B. 1648 D. 1733 and Elizabeth Hawley B. 1650 D. 1719

Joseph Dorr B. abt 1600

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Jones Trail

The Jones Trail: From the youngest in this line born in 2001 back to Joseph Jones B. abt 1574.

Three living generations.

Chester Wayland Perry Jones, JR born 1922 and 1. Mary Elizabeth Baynes 2. Theresa Urgento 3. Norma Raymond.

Chester Wayland Perry Jones, SR born 1897 and Inez Irene Frances Sprague born 1900.

Edward Wayland Jones born 1867 and Emily K. Tyler born 1858

George Wayland Jones born 1818 and Elizabeth E. Maxwell born 1845

Consider Jones born abt. 1784 and Phebe (Wayland ?) born ?

Seth Jones born 1744 and Priscilla Miller  born 1750

Ebenezer Jones born 1696 and Jane King born 1705

Joseph Jones born 1660 and Sarah Ford born 1668

Joseph Jones born 1628 and Patience Little born 1637.  Patience's grandfather, and our (my generation) 9th great grandfather, was Richard Warren, a Mayflower passenger.

Robert Jones born 1596 and Margaret Garnford born 1602 (progenitors).

Joseph Jones born abt 1574 and Judith Leavitt born ?

Emigrating from the vicinity of Reading, Berkshire, England our branch of the Jones family tree in America started around 1636 with Robert born 1596. For about 145 years our Jones ancestors inhabited the Hingham, Scituate, Marshfield and Middleborough region of eastern Massachusetts. During King Philip's War, (1675-76), Indians burned the home of Joseph b. 1628.  In 1675 Joseph's brother, Robert b. 1622, Robert's son, John, and his son-in-law, Joseph Lewis, were all killed and scalped by Indians in a battle at Swansea, MA (from Pane-Joyce Genealogy). Around 1780 Seth and Priscilla moved the line to the Berkshires where the next 125 years or so, found our ancestors living in the western Ma towns of Heath, Clarksburg, Chesire, New Ashford and Greenfield.  Sometime between 1900 and 1905, Edward and Emily moved the clan from Greenfield, where Edward had been working as a brakeman on the Fitchburg Railroad, to North Kingstown, Rhode Island where for the past 65 years or so, roots have spread to New York, New Hampshire, Florida, South Carolina, and now, Virgina. The "Great Migration" continues.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Major General Benedict Arnold V

This 3rd cousin 7X removed needs no introduction. You can read about how he went from a major Revolutionary War hero to etching his place in history as the poster boy for traitors at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benedict_Arnold He was the 2nd great grandson of William 1 Arnold who came to Rhode Island with Roger Williams in 1636 to help found the First Baptist Church in America. He was also the great grandson of Rhode Island governor, Benedict Arnold I. His older brother, Benedict IV, died before Ben. V was born and so Benedict V was given the same name but with the 5th place designation. Click on the link for his life story.

Brigadier General Charles R. "Boss" Brayton

In his day he was a Rhode Island institution unto himself.

You can read about this 4th cousin by clicking on this link or in the Notable Ancestors post further on. click on picture to enlarge.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Commodore Abraham Whipple

Image:AbrahamWhippleColorPortrait.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Commodore Whipple b. 1733, d. 1819 was the husband of Sara Hopkins b. 1739 5th cousin 6X removed. Among his many Naval accomplishments he was the leader of the Gaspee raiders and like his commander, who was also his wife's cousin, Admiral Esek Hopkins, Abe also captained a slave ship for the Brown brothers. You can read about him in the Notable Ancestors document or click on the link.http://www.gaspee.org/AbrahamWhipple.html

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Jones Y-DNA trail

This is my own DNA certificate and will match up closely with many Joneses who trace their line back to early (1600's) eastern Massachusetts settlers from Hingham, Scituate, Marshfield and Middleborough. And later (17 & 1800's) from the Berkshire area; Clarksburg, Cheshire, New Ashford, Savoy and Heath.  The line is as follows: Robert d. 1691, Joseph b. 1628, Joseph b. 1660, Ebenezer b. 1696, Seth b. 1744, Consider b. 1783, George b. 1817, Edward b. 1868, Chester b. 1897, Chester b. 1922, Thomas b. 1942.

The red line on this chart depicts the route of Jones Y-DNA
from Kenya, Africa to the U.K.. According to National
Geographic,and the latest scientific evidence, all of the worlds
population originated in Kenya. Click on map.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Commodore Esek Hopkins. First admiral of the Continental Navy.

Commodore Esek Hopkins, 4th cousin 7X removed. The first Admiral of the Continental Navy. Prior to his Naval appointment he was a Brigadier General. Read about him in the Notable Ancestors blog. Click this link to read the log book of the tragic slave ship, Sally. http://dl.lib.brown.edu/slaveryandjustice/browse.php?verb=retrieve&class=value&valueid=94266


A French Portrait. Click on picture.

Governor Thomas Wilson Dorr

Sullivan Dorr (1778 - 1858) 4th great granduncle 
 Governor Dorr's father
Click on this link to read an excellent account of Sullivan's early days in The China Trade published by the Rhode Island Historical Society.

Governor Dorr         


This is the home where Governor Dorr lived with his father, Sullivan Dorr and his mother, Lydia. Sullivan was a wealthy shipping merchant who followed in his father, Ebenezer's, footsteps and traded in Canton, China and the north west coast of America in the fur trade. At one time the Dorr family owned 18 ships in their own name and another five in partnerships. The house is located at 109 Benefit St. in Providence, RI a few blocks from Brown University.

Governor Thomas Wilson Dorr, 1st cousin 5x removed.

Architect of the RI State Constitution and leader of

the "Dorr Rebellion". Click on picture.

The first Governor Sprague.

The first Governor William Sprague.
Governor, Congressman, US Senator.
3rd cousin 5x removed

Did he have his brother murdered?

Click on picture.

Amasa Sprague, brother of the first Gov. Sprague and father of the second

Amasa 6 Sprague. 3rd cousin 5x removed. Father of the Civil WarGovernor Sprague. Did his brother, the first Governor Sprague, have him murdered to gain control of the Sprague empire? Click on Picture.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Governor William Sprague IV. The most notable of the Spragues.


4th cousin 4x removed.
Governor/US Senator/Army Colonel/Empire builder. William Sprague, his first wife, Kate Chase
and her father, Salmon P. Chase. From the jacket of "So Fell the Angels." Click on picture.

Governors portrait

Frances Latham "The Falconer's Daughter".


Frances Latham, 9th Great Grandmother born about 1610 died 1677.
Early settler of Newport, RI. Picture is from a book about
her life and times called Frances, "The Falconer's Daughter".
She was also called The Mother of Governor's. Read about
her in the Notable Ancestors blog. Click on picture.

To find this stone you must enter the "Old Section" of the Common Burial Ground in Newport.  The Old Section has a wrought iron fence and is located at the corner of Farewell and Warner Streets. Enter through the gate located on Warner St. As you enter look to the left for the first turn, Dyre Ave, which is a slightly crooked road that runs toward Farewell St. If you stand near where the road bends to the left and line up with the white house on Warner St.  you will be very close.  In line with the white house and just a few feet in from the road is a larger stone with the name John Gash at the top. Stand beside the Gash stone facing the white house.  Take 16 normal paces toward the house.  You should now be tripping over her stone. You will have to bend over to read the inscription.  Remember that the stone reads; Mr. Francis Vaughn. No, this is not an error. The top of the stone is adorned with an angel face and wings. When you find her stone you will be close to the Governors, Cranston, stone.  Facing Frances'  stone take 10 normal steps forward and you will see it. The Old Section is not very big. Happy hunting. 

President (Governor) Samuel Gorton

Gravesite of President (Governor) Samuel Gorton
9th Great Grandfather. Buried in Historical Cemetery #67 located at the corner of Armstrong Ave and Samuel Gorton Ave in Warwick, RI.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Joseph and Elizabeth Brayton

Joseph and Elizabeth Brayton, 4th Great Grandparents
Buried in the historical family plot (CR053) on the former Brayton
farm in western Cranston, RI

Governor Dorr gravesite

Gravesite of Governor Thomas Wilson Dorr, architect of the RI State Constitution and leader of the "Dorr Rebellion" 1st cousin 5X removed.

Darius and Phebe Gorton Potter gravesite

This is the gravesite (CR049)of Darius and Phebe Gorton Potter, 3rd Great grandparents. It is located on Wilbur Ave at pole #15, just up Natick Ave from pole #18 (CR053) where James and Roby are located. Phebe was the 4th Great Grandaughter of Samuel Gorton, Governor/President of RI.

James and Roby Brayton Sprague gravesite

3rd Great Grandparents, James Sprague and Roby Brayton. This historical cemetery is located on what used to be the Brayton family farm in western Cranston, RI.

Baynes gravesite

My mother, Mary Elizabeth Baynes Jones McLaughlin at the Baynes family plot in St. Francis Cemetery in Pawtucket, RI

Greatuncle Amasa Sprague

Gravesite of Greatuncle Amasa Sprague and his first wife, Mary. He was the brother of Great Grandfather William H. Sprague.

Gravesite of the 1st Governor Sprague

This monument and the surrounding stones is the location of the first Governor William Sprague, 3rd cousin 5x removed and many other Sprague family members. His governor's plaque with flags is to the left of the main monument.

Gravesite of the 2nd Governor Sprague

These are the front, rear and upper level of one of the Sprague plots in Swann Point Cemetery in Providence. In the Crypt are the remains of the Civil War Governor William Sprague B. 1830, 4th cousin 4x removed, his second wife, Inez, his parents, Amasa, 3rd cousin 5x removed and Fanny (Morgan) and his son, William. This tomb is so big that the front is right on the edge of one street and the back is on the edge of another street. The tree in the background is about 50 feet from the back street. The distance from the plaques to the front is about 15 feet. The diameter of the inner ring is 150 feet.

Carpenter family monument

The Carpenter monument in Cranston, RI. The site was an early Carpenter family burial ground that appears to have been cleared of its individual stones. The grounds are the size of a house lot.

Pawtuxet Cove circa 1870


Pawtuxet Village Circa 1870. This area was first settled by
William 1 Arnold 9th Great Grandfather and his son-in-law William 1 Carpenter 8th Great Grandfather and
their families around 1638. Both families came with Roger Williams in 1636 to found the State of Rhode Island and The First Baptist Church in America. The large textile mill in the center
background sits on the site of Tom and Lori jones' former
house, 1977 to 1980. Read the Notable Ancestors blog for more information.

Cranston gravesite or memorial monument ?

Cranston Gravestone or memorial monument, Newport, RI. The lower stone marker is located in the Common section. The upper picture is another marker, including Governor's plaque, located in the Old Section which looks like it is the original gravesite.

Father and son Governors John and Samuel Cranston

http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=pis&GRid=7203516&PIgrid=7203516&PIcrid=194185&PIpi=7297816 &
Memorial for John and Samuel Cranston located in the Common
Burial Ground in Newport, RI. Click on the above link to see the actual grave with Governors Plaque located in the "Old Section" then Click on the "Samuel Cranston" link to see the plaque. The original stone sits next to the stone with the lenghty inscription. The "Old Section" is located in the south east corner and is separated from the Common Burial Ground by an iron rail fence and has its own entrance. See the Frances Latham post for directions to the stone. John is an 8th Great Granduncle
by marriage and Samuel is a 1st cousin 9x removed. Like the Clarkes, John and Samuel were also father and son governors.

The "indictment" of Stephen Hopkins

The "Indictment" of Stephen Hopkins at the RI State House, May 3rd, 2007.
The kick-off ceremony for Gaspee Days 2007. It was Stephen's 300th
birthday anniversary and he was honored with an indictement for his crimes against King George III including his signing of The Declaration of Independence. Descendant cousins, Cathy and Bobby Nota and Patrick and Tom Jones played the parts of Stephen, his wife and two of his sons.

Stephen Hopkins gravesite

Gravesite of Governor Spephen Hopkins, 4th
Cousin 7x removed. Providence, RI.

Stephen Hopkins portrait

No actual painting of Stephen is known to exist. This portrait (gold vest) hangs in the RI statehouse and there is another that I believe hangs in the Brown University Portrait Collection. The portraits were painted of a cousin who was said to strongly resemble him. Having said that, the portrait of the "Declaration of Independence, 1776" by Revolutionary War artist, John Trumbull, which now adorns the back of the two dollar bill and the 18' X 20' copy that hangs in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda, contain an actual portrait of the man painted by the artist himself...or maybe not. Hopkins died in 1785, the painting was finished around 1815, some thirty years later. Some say that Trumbull painted Hopkins in the likeness of John Dickinson of Pennsylvania. I've checked this out and I don't see even the faintest resemblance between the two portraits in the painting. Still, others say that Trumbull painted many of the signers from memory. Is it possible that a man of Stephen's importance and accomplishments never had an actual portrait done? The man standing to the right of Stephen in the blow-up is William Ellery, RI's other signer of the Declaration of Independence. Governor Hopkins is a fourth cousin 7X removed. Read much more about him in the Notable Ancestors post further on in this blog or at the following Gaspee Virtual Archives link.